Bretus are on Doommantia Compilation Vol. III

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1.Abbotoir - Cutting The Latter
  2.Blut - Murder Hallucination
  3.Cardinals Folly - Our Cult Continues
  4.Chronobot - Melting Mountains
  5.Merrin - Shakma
  6.Mist - Phobia 

  7.Moonbow - Fire Bath
  8.Mortalicum - Revelation Within
  9.My Silent Wake - My Killer
 10.Pektop - Black Moonshine
 11.Spiral Shades - Wizardry
 12.Swamp Witch - Gnosis
 13.Twin Giant - Through The Motions
 14.Void Of Sleep - Lost In The Void
 15.Bretus - Insomnia
 16.Wicked Inquisition
 17.Myopic Empire - Victory (Demo Version) 

 18.Ordus - Flames
 19.Wijlen Wij - Boreas
 20.Nevertanezra - Seperation Of Anxiety


" This compilation was put together to raise money to benefit Ed Barnard of He suffered a heart attack and due to huge medical bills was forced to move to another country. Basically homeless and rebuilding his life from scratch. He has no family to full back on and can not work due to severe health issues. A $7 donation gets you these tracks but you can donate more if you have the means to do so. Lets help get Ed back on his feet and keep Doommantia alive!"