Focus on Bretus by

"Over the last month I’ve seen several of my Facebook musician friends post links to this next song, and I finally decided that I ought to see what all the enthusiasm was about. The band’s name is Bretus and they’re from Cata...nzaro, Italy. Before this year, they had released a demo, an EP, and an album (In Onirica), with plans to record another album this year. But before that they’ve now released a new single that’s going to become part of a forthcoming vinyl split with another Italian band, Black Capricorn. The song is also included on a free compilation assembled by an outfit called Doom Over Cthulhu (which you can download for free at this location – the playlist can be seen here).

Those of you steeped in Lovecraftian lore will recognize the name of the single: “The Haunter of the Dark”. It’s a slice of traditional doom with big staggering riffs, wailing psychedelic vocals, and a melody that’s powerfully addictive. It’s soaked in occult atmosphere and exudes psychoactive vapors like a powerful fog machine."